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Tricycle Landing Gear Faults

Nov 11, 2016

(1) when the speed skating, have front impact or strong braking, prone to handstand (commonly known as stand on his head). So in order to prevent head, taildragger landing gear strong braking is not allowed, therefore taxiing after landing distance increases.

(2) if the actual landing speed is greater than the specified value are prone to "jump". Because in this case, the plane grounded at the time of the actual angle of attack is less than the specified value, tail lift, main gear touchdown. At impact, impact force in the main round will produce a pitch up moment, the angle of attack increases, because the aircraft's actual speed is greater than the specified value, cause the lift is greater than the aircraft weight and the aircraft rises again. Due to the speed reduced and the aircraft again after falling. This phenomenon of rising aircraft falling, it is called "jumping". If the actual aircraft landing speed far greater than the specified value, then jump height can be very high, from this height, it is possible to make the aircraft damaged.

(3) at the time of takeoff and landing run is unstable. If in the course of running, some interference (crosswind or because

Landing the car road irregularities, on both sides of the wheel of the resistance are not equal) plane relative to its axis turned a certain angle, in pillar formed on friction torque relative to the air mass, it makes the aircraft towards greater angle.

(4) while the slide down, up, down, forward fuselage up and down poor vision.

Based on the above shortcomings, taildragger landing gear's dominance has been replaced with a tricycle landing gear, only a handful of small and low-speed aircraft still use taildragger landing gear.