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Harm Of Noise On Human Health

Nov 12, 2016

Environmental pollution is the enemy of healthy, high-intensity noise can harm healthy people, causing physical or mental illness. Noise affects sleep quality raised can lead to dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, inability to concentrate, such as neurasthenia, chronic insomnia can cause depression and other mental illnesses. Long period in pregnant women exceeds 85 decibels of noise environment likely to cause miscarriage, premature birth, in strong noise environment can affect the brain development of the fetus, prone to mentally handicapped children.

Digestive system and eating can cause gastro-intestinal mucosa capillaries occurs under strong noise contract, people reduce the secretion of saliva, gastric juice, and lead to loss of appetite, indigestion, susceptible to gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Studies have shown that chronic noise exceeds 85 decibels in an environment can cause auditory system damage, headaches, memory loss, cause sympathetic Central disorders result in an unstable mental state. When the noise above 90 DB people thinking and talking and should not be done does not work properly, metabolism is affected. Long-term work in strong noise environment the hearing would seriously damage or even deafness. Strong noise that person's heart rate, blood pressure, and can easily lead to a heart attack.

70 decibels of noise can lead to increased incidence of coronary heart disease 30%, 100 decibels of noise can make blood pressure rise 15%, which for people who suffer from heart disease or hypertension is very dangerous, intense noise can also cause the patient's death.