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Don't Ignore The Low Frequency Noise Hazards

Nov 12, 2016

Low frequency noise in General refers to the frequency in the following 500hz sound, different from high frequency noise, it brought to people's direct senses is not strong, so are a lot of people will be ignored. But noise damage is unimaginable.

|| Low frequency noise attenuation

Hazard is the sustainability of the low frequency noise. Although it is not as harsh as emergency brakes and KTV music, but they will produce sound pressure. High frequency noise as the farther or encounters obstacles, can decay quickly; and low frequency noise is declining very slowly, so that the long distance run straight into the ear and perforated wall.

|| Low frequency noise hazards

Low-frequency noise due to the direct access to the human ear bones, makes sympathetic nervous, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, endocrine disorders. People are forced to accept such noise, easily upset excitement, irritability, even irrational. If you suffer chronic low-frequency noise harassment, easily lead to nervous exhaustion, insomnia, headaches and other neuroses, and even affect the fetus in pregnant women.

So let us not underestimate the hazards of low frequency noise, if chronic low frequency noise or interference, should be processed in a timely manner, rather than holding up the past attitude, otherwise your body will suffer great damage.