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Types of silencers

Nov 12, 2016

Many kinds of mufflers, but the mechanism of noise, and they can be divided into six main types, namely the resistance of dissipative silencers, mufflers, impedance compound muffler, micro perforated Panel muffler, small hole silencers and active silencers.

Resistance mufflers

Is the use of porous sound absorbing materials to reduce noise. Fixed in the flow channel of sound-absorbing materials on the inner wall or arranged in a pipe in a certain way, constitutes a resistive muffler. When sound waves enter the resistance when the silencer, part of the sound energy in pores of porous friction into heat dissipated, the muffle sound waves weaken. Dissipative silencer is like pure resistance circuit on the electrical, sound-absorbing material similar to resistance. Therefore, people referred to as resistive such silencer muffler. High frequency noise effects in dissipative silencers and the poor low frequency noise. (Mainly used in generator noise reduction)

Resistance mufflers

Is formed by the tube and Chamber combinations of mutations interface, like an acoustic filter, electrical filters and similar, each a small room with a pipe is a mesh filter, it tube air quality equivalent inductance and resistance on the electrical, known as acoustic quality and resistance. On a small volume of air in the room is equal to electrical capacitance, known as compliance. Electrical filters and similar, each a small room with a pipe has its own natural frequencies. Dang contains has various frequency components of Sonic into first a short tube Shi, only in first a network hole inherent frequency near of some frequency of Sonic to through network hole arrived second a short tube mouth, and addition some frequency of Sonic is impossible through network hole. only in small room in the back and forth reflection, so, we said this on Sonic has filter function of structure for acoustic filter. Select the appropriate tube and Chamber combinations. noise can filter out certain frequencies, so as to achieve the aim of muffling. Resistance mufflers is suitable for elimination of medium and low frequency noise.