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Taildragger landing gear advantage

Nov 12, 2016

Early in the propeller on the plane after the widely used three-point undercarriage. Which is characterized by two main wheels in the Center a little while ago, the tail wheel in the tail of the fuselage further away from the Center. After landing weight is lighter than the first three points, but turning is not flexible enough, braked too hard when the plane has "stand on his head," danger of modern aircraft have been rarely used.


(1) the taildragger landing gear structure as a whole is relatively simple, is lighter in weight.

(2) easy to configure in propeller aircraft. Thrust of the propeller-driven planes to large blade is very large, which forced the plane to design more propeller ground clearance when installed, taildragger landing gear of the plane stays on the ground time to head up very high angle of attack a lot.

(3) on the plane is easy to plant the tail wheel. Compared with the front wheel, tail wheel is simple in structure, size and quality are small;

(4) normal landing, three wheels touching the ground simultaneously, which means that the plane fell (fourth phase of the landing), gestures and posture when taxiing on the ground, stopping the same. In other words, taxiing on the ground, have a larger angle, therefore, you can use larger air resistance to slow down, to reduce landing and taxiing distances. Therefore, early aircraft were mostly taildragger undercarriage arrangement.