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Soundproofing noise control two of the most important aspects

Nov 12, 2016

|| Construction Enterprise

1, has a professional technical team and advanced technology and equipment.

2, the company set up a long time, experienced large engineering noise control of the actual case.

3, set production and sales of insulation and acoustic design, installation and acceptance of professional services in the enterprise.

|| Soundproofing material

1, touch. Excellent soundproofing material feels weighty texture. And the more dense surface density, better sound insulation.

2, measuring the elastic, good elasticity can reduce hard plate vibrations caused by sound waves. For example to test acoustic felt flexible, can be cut into two or three centimeters long, elongated, elongated process is smooth, and can be let go back, so flexibility is good.

4, see pull, good quality insulation material tensile strength is very good. Without the aid of external forces is difficult to tear.

So look for construction enterprises and choosing the right insulation insulated noise reduction project may not neglect an important part is the soundproofing projects central to the success of the process.