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Silencer used

Nov 12, 2016

1, suitable for all kinds of TA-type steam for steam safety valve the safety valve silencer

PCV/ERV applicable to utility boiler safety valve (dynamic relief valve), drum and superheater safety valve safety valve, thermal safety valve, such as the safety of pressure equipment. The steam vent to avoid excessive noise, should let the steam flow out smoothly without affecting safety valve displacement, jump and, to that end, past common multistage throttle and small Jet muffler sound means should not be adopted, this limitation has always been the safety valve silencer design, is the reason for poor safety door silencers silencers. -TA of the new safety valve the safety valve exhaust silencer uses injection principle of impedance compound muffler, with large hole expansion control instead of the smaller diameter holes, has strengthened the resistance in the structure and mechanism of resistive muffler sound, noise muffler effect reached a higher safety factor.

2, applicable to TB-ignition of the boiler steam equipment such as exhaust silencers

TB-ignition of the boiler exhaust silencer combined PB-type exhaust (gas) silencer designed by the most reasonable principle of silencing. High pressure steam in silencer within by once control flow Hou into buck body, by big volume again expansion buck Hou, to formed low voltage steam Hou spray out, this process in the, steam flow within part into into a species frequency of sound can, its noise although power big for weakened, but often will for row steam deviated from design value, many reasons, makes exhaust noise still above standard value. To this end, the step-down body design of the composite-material structural resistance of sound absorbing hood drag compound sound-absorbing hood is based on the pressure emitted by the residual noise frequency spectrum characteristics of the design, to effectively absorb the residual noise. When a user after installation as required, total silencing of 36~42 DB.

3, applicable to all types of low temperature and low pressure heating device for TD-type low pressure steam silencers

In the industrial and mining enterprises using low pressure boilers up to the large amounts of 0.13Mpa, there are a large number of low-voltage in the power plant thermodynamic system thermal equipment, such as back-pressure turbines, oxygen, assisted ventilation, Turbo-pumps, boiler continuous sewage and sewage on a regular basis. Such equipment for exhaust requirements, configuration more convenient for lightweight, install muffler. Silencer for the different objects, design special TDb type back pressure steam turbine exhaust muffler silencer, TDy type deaerator series muffler and other audio products, which can meet the user's requirements.