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Selection and characteristics of silencer

Nov 12, 2016

Muffler selection according to fire, moisture, corrosion, cleanliness requirements, installation location, noise spectrum, natural attenuation of the system, the system air flow regeneration noise, room permissible noise levels, allowed loss of pressure, equipment prices, and many other factors have bias based on facts. General case: muffler silencer more, the pressure loss and greater price; muffler is the same, if the pressure loss is smaller, the silencer, the greater the space.

New effective anti-type series mufflers blasting equipment is widely used for power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy, textiles and other industrial factories for various types of boilers and steam turbine exhaust steam; fan muffler sound equipment such as security doors. The series muffler is based on resistance, spray, resistance compound silencers principle developed, with silencing a large quantity, small size, light weight and easy to install without maintenance, and many other advantages.

· Frequency characteristics of silencers silencers. Anti Jet type silencer on the noise effect is superior.

· Silencers for wind speeds are generally 6-8M/s, the maximum should not exceed 12m/s, bearing in mind the pressure loss of the muffler.

· Note NET passage area of silencers, air pipe and silencer connection and, if necessary, (speed limit) need to be amplified.

· Silencer silencer installation shall have independent load bearing suspenders or the base; the sound source equipment through a flexible connector.

· When used in series two silencers elbow, two spacing should be greater than the elbow elbow connection cross section diagonal length of 2.5 times.

· High temperature, high humidity, oil mist, WV environmental systems are generally micro-porous structure of silencer, for clean requirements such as operating rooms, recording studio, clean room environment system should be used in micro-pore structure silencer.

· Adjacent housing road when collusion, indoor noise by piping influence each other and, if necessary, air inlet silencer.