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Muffler installation

Nov 12, 2016

Muffler installation must be in the right direction, with duct or pipe flange connections shall ensure strict and firm. When the air conditioning system for constant temperature, requires higher, duct silencer shell should be with the same insulation.

Muffler installation, cable or wait for check method available, does not meet the requirements should be trimmed.

Muffler installation in place, management should be strengthened to take protective measures. No other branches, hangers fixed to the muffler flanges and hangers on.

Muffler, muffler elbow during installation should be set separately, hangers, duct does not bear its weight according to the muffler hanger types, specifications and the structural condition of the building, in accordance with the provisions of the national standard or design drawings selection.

Muffler should be checked before installation, hangers, fixed location is correct, embedded or expansion bolts are installed securely and reliably. Load force, hanger must take to ensure the.

Muffler model, the sizing must comply with the design requirements and indicates the air flow direction.