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Main sources of indoor noise

Nov 12, 2016

1. Traffic noise

Urban and rural vehicles, increased road and rail traffic, traffic noise is the noise of motor vehicles has become the culprit, 75% per cent of urban noise. Beijing is famous in the world of noise pollution in the city, while city cars than Japan one-tenth, but less noise than Japan 1 time times higher.

2. Industrial machinery noise

Plant equipment, the majority, and most of them have great strength, impact, friction, Jet machines work as well as vibration, noise is very annoying. Although some plants have some equipment to do the noise reduction works, but there is no cure.

3. Building noise

Problems due to the rapid development of the city is one of the serious noise pollution, such as road construction, building development, old city reconstruction, interior decoration, and so on, mostly in the 90-130 DB, is a rather serious problem.

4. Public place noise

Public places, such as restaurants, train stations, plazas, 14 per cent of urban noise. 4%.

5. Household appliances

The noise damage of household appliances cannot be ignored, such as washing machines, TV sets, air conditioners, and so on will have some kind of decibels of noise. More is also affected to a neighbor, these are all that need to be resolved.

Some of the noise that we can do to prevent, such as home insulation, such as doors and Windows, noise can be improved to a certain extent obstacles, but some noise is to be required related departments to work to resolve.