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Landing gear structure

Nov 12, 2016

Frame type undercarriage

Frame type undercarriage main features are: it does this by supporting architecture will wheel connected to the wing or fuselage. Bearing structure of bars and the shock strut is articulated with each other. They only withstand axial forces (along the axis of the individual) and not subjected to bending moment. Therefore, the structure of the landing gear structure is simple, quality is also small, light low-speed aircraft was widely used in the past. However, due to the difficulty in fully fashioned, modern high-speed aircraft are generally not used.

Pillar-type landing gear

Pillar-type landing gear's main features are: shock absorbers one with supporting pillar, wheels are directly fixed on the piston rod of the shock absorber. Shock strut connection type depends on the operating requirements of the upper end of the wing. Retractable landing gear struts doubles as actuating cylinders. Torque by torque delivery will be through the piston rod and cylinder wall of the shock strut with the spline connection to transfer. The landing gear in the form of simple and compact structure, easy to take, and of low quality, and is one of the widely used on modern aircraft.

The disadvantage of pillar-type landing gear is: piston rods are not only subjected to axial force, and subjected to bending moment, and therefore easy to wear and seizure occurs, poor sealing performance of the shock absorber, greater initial pressure can not be used.

Rocker arm type landing gear

Rocker arm type landing gear's main features are: wheel by turning the rocker arm and connected to the piston rod of the shock absorber. Shock absorbers can also double as supporting pillars. This type of piston axial force, not subjected to bending moment and good sealing performance, you can increase the initial pressure of shock absorber to reduce the dimensions of Chardonnay reduction, overcomes the shortcomings of pillar-type, has been widely used in modern aircraft. Disadvantages of rocker arm type landing gear is the structure more complex, larger joint force, and therefore larger, its wear during use.