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Development of parts

Nov 12, 2016

Because of China's auto parts industry of late, low starting point, irrational industrial structure. Since reform and opening up, notwithstanding the relatively fast growth of Hydraulic Track Pin Press manufacturing industry, but compared with the automobile-producing country, is still obvious. Especially compared with foreign parts manufacturers, the gap is more evident. Gap auto parts manufacturing industry in China, in addition to the differences in scale, more important are differences in manufacturing technology and management techniques.

According to the relevant materials, State-owned and State holding and sales revenue above 5 million yuan in non-State-owned parts about more than 5,000 companies, plus village-run enterprises and small non-State-owned enterprises and family workshops small parts will total more than 7000~8000. 80% per cent of the sales of 100 million Yuan, only 130 of the more than 100 million Yuan. About 70% suppliers of parts to high production costs, low overall benefit, relative or apparent lack of international forces. Bosch automotive parts sales revenue in 2008 reached € 47 billion, and China's biggest auto parts companies annual sales revenue of less than US $1 billion (514 on wangxiang group sales revenue in 2009, 800 million yuan), the difference is obvious.