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Accessories maintenance

Nov 12, 2016

Away from heat

Engine piston temperature is too high, can result in overheating the burning hold cylinder, rubber seal, v-tape, tire overheating, premature aging, decreased performance and shorten the service life of; the starter, alternator, regulator and other electrical equipment overheating of the coil, easily burn are scrapped.

Avoid dirty

Fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, hydraulic oil filters and all kinds of filters and other parts, if dirty, can lead to poor filtration effect. Tank heat sink, cooling engine block and cylinder head fins, cooling fins and other parts too dirty, poor can lead to cooling, temperature is too high.

Avoid anti-

Engine cylinder head gasket cannot be reversed when it is installed, otherwise it will cause damage to the cylinder head gasket ablation prematurely; engine fan blades cannot be reversed during installation; on direction tread pattern tyres, v-tread tires, installed ground prints should make the person pointed to the rear.

To avoid deficiency

Engine gas lock tablets, should into on installation, as leak loaded or missing: will led to valve runaway and hit bad piston, pieces; engine Rod bolt, and flywheel bolt, and drive shaft bolt Shang installation of opening pin, and lock tight screws, and insurance tablets or spring pad, anti-pine device, once leak loaded, in using in the will has may led to serious of fault occurred; engine are Shi gear room in the used to lubrication gear of oil nozzle once leak loaded, will led to the at serious relief oil.