Mini Excavator Bucket Teeth

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Mini Excavator Bucket Teeth

This Mini Excavator Bucket Teeth is cast from wear-resistant low alloy steel. Its wear resistance is four or five times as high as that of common high manganese steel teeth. It has high toughness and is not easy to break in the impact process. It can cut into the soil much faster than common bucket teeth. Its abrasion resistance, hardness and toughness greatly reduce the number of bucket teeth replacement, which not only saves the cost of bucket teeth, reduces the labor cost of replacement, but also improves the construction efficiency, saves time and increases the economic benefits of the project. It can be used to replace Bucket Teeth of many branded mini excavators from Komatsu, Caterpiller, Daewoo, Hitachi, Kobelco, Hyundai, Demark, Kato, Volvo,etc..


Material: Low alloy steel

Color: Yellow, orange, etc.

Application: Mini Excavator

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