Ripper Shank For Excavator

1.What is a Ripper Shank For Excavator?
2.Ripper Shank For Excavator Product Description
3.Our advantages

Product Details

1.What is a Ripper Shank For Excavator?

The excavator loosening device is a loosening device for excavator loosening machine and bulldozer. Excavator loosening device is also called bucket hook. Bulldozers are also called tail hooks. They are usually single teeth, and have two teeth or three teeth. It is suitable for the crushing and splitting of the hard soil, the secondary hard rock and the wind fossils so as to facilitate the digging and loading operations of the dug bucket.

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2.Ripper Shank For Excavator Product Description

1.Material: 35CrMo


1).One-piece without welding

2).Forging, High resilience to prevent breakages

3).entirety heattreatment

4).It is one of the most common, strong, durable, efficient, which commonly used to loose rock

3.Our advantages 

1.Strong technical team, and we have the ability to formulate materials to meetthe specific needs of our customer's projects.

2.Perfect quality monitoring system, and full range of advanced facilities, like Component analysis machine, Impact Machine, Tensile Strength machine etc.

3.Rich experience to do OEM/ODM business, we can develop items as per drawings and samples if you have specific requirement.

4.Efficient management, we can short delivery time and we have good after sale service which keep long term business cooperation with our customers.

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