Grader Blade For Excavator

1.What is the grader blade for excavator?
2.Grader blade Product Information
3.Grader blade Features
4.Grader blade Advantages / Features

Product Details

1.What is the grader blade for excavator?

Grader blade is the main work grader devices and other auxiliary devices complement each other to carry out the soil cutting, scraping and leveling delivery operations, but also shaping and maintenance of the gravel road, gravel road, roadbed, topsoil or turf stripping, trenching, scraping slope leveling, and complete the material the mixing, filling, time, sharing equal work.

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2.Grader blade Product Information

Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd.


Boron steel 30MnB or 80# Carbon steel or 45# Carbon Steel


Black or yellow or custom

Surface Hardness

Carbon HRC280-320HB  Boron HRC440-520HB

Yielding Point

Carbon 600Re-N/mm2  Boron 1440N/mm2




3.Grader blade Features

To help prevent damage, the moldboard is shear pin protected.

Unit comes complete with 1/2“connect under pressure” flat-faced hydraulic couplers and a reversible beveled cutting edge for long life.

Optional laser system will maintain grade to tight tolerances.

Optional End Plate Kit (Pair, #811980) and Laser Pole Kit (Pair, #812110) are also available.

4.Grader blade Advantages / Features:

We offer a wide selection of blades manufactured from several grades of high carbon and boron steel. Many of these products are made from both high carbon and boron steel that are heat-treated and hardened to improve the lifespan while meeting the demanding requirements of earthmoving and mining applications.

   Our production range can cover any products with maximum width of 410mm, maximum length of 6m and maximum thickness of 110mm.

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