Hydraulic Lock Breaker

1. What is a hydraulic lock?
2.Hydraulic Lock Breaker Product Description

Product Details

1. What is a hydraulic lock?

The hydraulic lock is a "lock", which is to lock the loop and not let the oil flow in the loop.

Effect of hydraulic lock is interlocked, hydraulic cylinder in two under the function of the one-way valve about the cylinder at rest; but when the valve is in the right position function, and the B port into the oil, then the right one-way valve into the oil, and the control circuit to left check valve is open drain; when the spool in the left position function when the same

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2.Hydraulic Lock Breaker Product Description

1. Material: 40Cr or 42CrMo

2. Dimension: Depending on the specification of Tool Maker

3. Chisel type: Moil Point, Blunt Tool, Flat, wedge 

4. Heat Treatment: 
Austenting Temperature 810~850 (20min/inch) 
Cooling Water oil cooling 
Tempering 250~300 (1hr/inch) 

5. Mechanical Properties: 
Surface Hardness HRC51± 3 
Core Hardness HRC35± 3 
Tensile strength(min) 1250N/mm² 
Yield point (min) 950N/mm² 
Elongation 10~14% 
Reduction of Area 35~40% 
Impact work 23~28 ft1b 
Grain size 7.0~8.0 


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