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1.Hydraulic Excavator Bucket products:


2.Hydraulic Excavator Bucket Performance

Hydraulic Excavator Bucket are the industry standard for construction, performance, power and versatility. Hydraulic Excavator Bucket match the machine to the job and provide the best possible performance in your particular application.

Whether quarry, construction site or landscaping — Cat Buckets focus the full power and performance of the machine on the task at hand and efficiently complete the task.

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3.About Hydraulic Excavator Bucket

1.Rod seal:superior quality named-brand seals improve a longer life and seal effect polyurethane U-packing rod seals/buffer seals · bonded-to-metal wiper seals custom seals available

2.Tube:Skived&burnished or vertical honing tube assures the concentricity and straightness

3.Bushing:Hardened steel bushing or copper bushing 

4.Eye:All eyes are made of forged high strenght steel improve cylinder not only in appearance but in mechanical performance 

5.Rod:Induction hardened prior to chrome plating enhances the surface hardness,enhanced chrome plating improve corrosion resistence and anti-scratch performance

6.Piston:High pressure piston sealing material:teflon or nylon seals.High precision machining maximize the consistency of parts. 

7.Cap:All caps are made of forged high strength steel

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