Hydraulic Breaker Tools

1.Hydraulic Breaker Tools Specifications
2.Hydraulic Breaker Tools Product Description
3.Hydraulic Breaker Tools Applicable field

Product Details

1.Hydraulic Breaker Tools Specifications

1.Factory sale directly 

2.Best and Experience Heat Treatment Technology 

3.All the chisels can be supplied 

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2.Hydraulic Breaker Tools Product Description

1. Material: SCR440 or SCM440

2. Dimension: Depending on the specification of Tool Maker

3. Chisel type: Moil Point, Blunt Tool, Flat, wedge 

4. Heat Treatment: 

Austenting Temperature 810~850 (20min/inch) 

Cooling Water oil cooling 

Tempering 250~300 (1hr/inch) 

5. Mechanical Properties: 

Surface Hardness HRC51± 3 

Core Hardness HRC35± 3 

Tensile strength(min) 1250N/mm² 

Yield point (min) 950N/mm² 

Elongation 10~14% 

Reduction of Area 35~40% 

Impact work 23~28 ft1b 

3.Hydraulic Breaker Tools Applicable field:

1 . Mining---Mining,Second-time breaking;

2 . Metallurgy---Clearing slag,Demolition of furnace and foundation;

3 . Road---Repairing,Breaking,Foundation work;

4 . Railway---Tunneling,Demolition of bridge;

5 . Construction---Demolition of bulinding and reinforced concrete;

6 . Ship repairing---Clearing clam and rust from the hull;

7 . Others---Breaking frozen mud.

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