Track Wheel Nuts

1.Track Wheel Nuts Product imformation
2.Track Wheel Nuts Advantages / Features

Product Details

1.Track Wheel Nuts Product imformation:

The mechanical grade is 12.9

case hardening is HRC 38-42

Material is 40CR

the surface is treated with bluing

screw thread has two type description

one is the metric system:M12-M24-6g

another is denominator system:1/2-1/4--2A

the specification can be customized.

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2.Track Wheel Nuts Advantages / Features:

1)  Materials:

Our company has  purchased steel from several large steel groups , such as Hangzhou Steel Mill, Shanghai Bashan Steel Mill, Beijing Shrugging Steel Mill whose steel have good mechanical properties and stability of chemical component. it keep the bolt to be of high strength

2)  Manufacture Procession

First, we have our own High-precision Digital Machining center for mould making in special Mould Workshop, excellent mould make product beautiful appearance  and its size accurately.

The second, we adopt blasting procession, removing Oxidation surface , make the  surface to be bright and clean and uniform and beautiful.

The third, in heat treatment: We use the Controlled-atmosphere Automatic heat treatment Furnace, we also have four mesh belt convey furnaces, Can deal with the products in different sizes keeping the non-oxidation surface

3)  The all process quality control:

The quality control is strictly performed from buying raw materials in warehouse to different machining procession and to final packing. We have Magnetic Powder Detector, Material Testing Machine,  Metallographic Microscope, such testing instruments, guarantee product high quality and beautiful appearance.

4) Our production capacity

Single bolts, every month can produce 1.7 million bolts. Now we buy a Full Automatic Cool-forging Machine. this greatly enhances our production capacity with more quality and more beautiful appearance.

3.About Us

A large manufacturer specializing in the production of undercarriage components for tracked vehicles, equipment for overhauling the undercarriages of earthmoving machinery and the manufacture of machine tools for the reconditioning of internal combustion engines.

excavator and bulldozer track bolt and nut or segment bolts and nuts,high strength bolts and nuts for undercarriage parts.

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