Small Excavator Buckets

1.Small Excavator Buckets Porducts imformation
2.Small Excavator Buckets Features
3.Small Excavator Buckets Advantages

Product Details

1.Small Excavator Buckets Porducts imformation:

We choose wer-resistant selection of quality,high-strength steel plate and high-strength anti-Rally wire,welding equipment,professionals carefully weldsed together,the surface jet mill with strong internal and external appearance.

According to different operating conditions, various kinds of buckets are reasonably designed from shapes, materials, thickness of plates, and stress features, etc.

The bucket capacity is from 0.25 m3 to 2.4 m3. 

Advanced digital control flame (plasma) cutting machines, large lapping machines, and CO2 protective welding machines guarantee the quality of our products.


2.Small Excavator Buckets Features:

1.General Buckets: Standard bucket materials and quality homemade tooth holders.

2.Reinforced Buckets: Quality structural steel with high strength and quality homemade

tooth holders.

3.Rocky Buckets: Wear resistant steel with high strength, reinforced high stress parts, thicker abrasive parts, reinforcing ribs at bottom, and rock-oriented SBIC products from South Korea.

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3.Small Excavator Buckets Advantages:

Durable and Reliable:

With reinforced working device and high-strength swing plant, construction components' life span are improved 30%.

High Efficiency:

Accurate and adjustable flow control makes the excavator worked faster and more efficiently.

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