Roller Bucket Excavator

1.What is a Roller Bucket Excavator?
2.Roller Bucket Excavator Specifications
3.Roller Bucket Excavator Characteristics

Product Details

1.What is a Roller Bucket Excavator?

Roller Bucket Excavator, once called "bucket wheel excavator", is a continuous multi bucket excavator which is excavated by bucket wheel mounted on the front end of the boom and rotated by bucket around the bucket wheel.

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2.Roller Bucket Excavator Specifications

1.Track pin & bush fit for track link . 

2. 40Cr or 40MnB 

3. Proper heattreatment 

4. Guarantee a long life 

3.Roller Bucket Excavator Characteristics


For bush,after thermal refining,then do surface treatment,to guarantee the reasonable inside hardness and outside resistance.


For pin,after thermal refining,then do surface treament,to assure the enough inside hardness and outside wearlessness.

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