Mining Excavator Buckets

1.What is a Mining Excavator Buckets?
2.Excavator bucket available but not limited to following models
3.About Mining Excavator Buckets

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1.What is a Mining Excavator Buckets?

Suitable for open pit mining operations bucket excavator bucket, bucket capacity of not less than 4 standard resistance, through hydraulic transmission make the turntable rotate in the range of 3600, and by the hydraulic transmission of the boom and the bucket rod bucket and action cycle operation to realize mineral mining, hoisting, slewing and unloading, in the machine itself any kind of work cycle without moving the body, by the crawler type walking mechanism to achieve the shift of self-propelled machinery

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2.Excavator bucket available but not limited to following models



Available for
Excavator bucket

Excavator bucketHitachiEX60~EX400,ZX35~ZX870
Excavator bucket
Excavator bucketSumitomoSH75~SH460
Excavator bucketHyundaiR55~R505
Excavator bucketKobelcoSK55~SK480
Excavator bucketVolvoEC55~EC700
Excavator bucketLiebherrCX55~CX460
Excavator bucketKatoHD75~ DH2047
Excavator bucketDoosanDH35~DH500
Excavator bucketSanyi

3.About Mining Excavator Buckets

The rigors of mining applications dictate that only the strong survive. mining buckets are designed not only to survive but to thrive in those harsh conditions. Offers two series of hydraulic excavator mining buckets. Both the HF and HP series buckets are engineered tough with the capacities you need and the performance you demand. Standard and high capacity buckets are available.

Available for any application from hard rock to coal, our JEC designs are customised for specific applications and to meet OEM specifications such as tip radius and pin centre.

GET and wear package options are available to suit a diverse range of applications and OEM specifications.

Our ability to pass match your bucket with existing site equipment means you will get faster cycle times and maximised machine efficiency.

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