Mini Excavator Rock Bucket

1.What is a rock bucket?
2.Excavator Rock Bucket Advantages / Features
3.Excavator Rock Bucket Applications

Product Details

1.What is a rock bucket?

Rock bucket is one of the types of excavator bucket according to material. The excavator bucket is divided into standard bucket, reinforcing bucket, rock bucket and crushed stone bucket. The standard bucket material is made of high quality and high strength structural steel 16Mn, which is suitable for general clay, loose soil excavation and sand, earth and gravel loading. To enhance the vulnerable parts of the bucket, the material of the tooth base plate and the side edge plate is made of high quality and high strength wear-resistant steel NM360, which is suitable for mining heavy trucks with hard gravel or gravel loading such as soft gravel. The material of the rocky bucket's side plate and side edge plate is HARDOX, which is imported from Sweden for ultra-high strength and wear resistant steel. It is suitable for mining heavy loading environment with hard gravel, hard rock, wind or hard rock and loading after blasting.

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2.Excavator Rock Bucket Advantages / Features:

According to different operating conditions, various kinds of buckets are reasonably

designed from shapes, materials, thickness of plates, and stress features, etc.

The bucket capacity is from 0.25 m3 to 2.4 m3. 

Advanced digital control flame (plasma) cutting machines, large lapping machines,

and CO2 protective welding machines guarantee the quality of our products.

3.Excavator Rock Bucket Applications: 

General digging of clay and light work such as loading of sand, earth and gravel.

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