Excavator Shovel Bucket

1.What is a Excavator Shovel Bucket?
2.Features of Excavator Shovel Bucket
3.About Excavator Shovel Bucket

Product Details

1.What is a Excavator Shovel Bucket?

Excavator Shovel Bucket, also called dug bucket, is divided into backhoe shovel and front shovel according to work way, generally used as backhoe bucket.

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2.Features of Excavator Shovel Bucket:

Integrates the functions of loader, excavator and forklift, can complete shoveling, digging, pushing, clipping, and loading operations.

Applications: Widely applied to municipal construction, landscaping, power station, forests, building construction, etc.

3.About Excavator Shovel Bucket

We choose wer-resistant selection of quality,high-strength steel plate and high-strength anti-Rally wire,welding equipment,professionals carefully weldsed together,the surface jet mill with strong internal and external appearance.

According to special ends of customers, we provide different types of buckets, from digging fighting shape, texture, thickness, and other aspects of design characteristics.

  Note: Please use the bucket correctly based on the environment .Otherwise, it will reduce the life expectancy of digging bucket, or even damage it.

Products cover a range of well-know excavators.And we can change the capatity of the bucker according to the customer's demand


According to customer needs, develop and design products, do our best to meet customer requirements

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