Excavator Mud Bucket

1.What is a Excavator Mud Bucket?
2.About Excavator Mud Bucket

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1.What is a Excavator Mud Bucket?

The bucket is a kind of product structure, composed of tooth base plate, bottom plate, side plate, wall panels, hanging ear plate, back plate, plate, bucket bucket ear earmuffs, bucket teeth, tooth seat, shield or bucket angle parts, so the welding is the key process of the production of the bucket, the welding quality directly influence to dig the structural strength and service life of the bucket.

2.About Excavator Mud Bucket

1.Digging and Trenching buckets:

Toothed buckets for general digging, trench cutting and loading duties.

A variety of tooth types are available.

2.Ditching and Grading buckets:

Wider buckets, without teeth, for grading, levelling and ditch cleaning. These may also be used to re-handle loose (pre-dug) soil and lighter loading duties.

3.Rock and Heavy Duty buckets:

Our XHD buckets can be specified for demolition or rock handling and are capable of sustaining long service in the very toughest of ground conditions.

4.Riddle and Shaker buckets:

Buckets for separating rock and stone from soil. For smaller machines, we also produce a bucket with different sizes

According to special ends of customers, we provide different types of buckets, from digging fighting shape, texture, thickness, and other aspects of design characteristics.

  Note: Please use the bucket correctly based on the environment .Otherwise, it will reduce the life expectancy of digging bucket, or even damage it.


Products cover a range of well-know excavators.And we can change the capatity of the bucker according to the customer's demand


According to customer needs, develop and design products, do our best to meet customer requirements

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