Excavator Boom And Stick

1.About Excavator Boom and Stick
2.Excavator Boom and Stick Application
3.Excavator Boom and Stick Packaging & Delivery

Product Details

1.About Excavator Boom and Stick

1. Suitable for: all kinds of brand excavator

 2. For 30ton excavator 18M long reach boom and arm, no need the counterweight.

 3. For 30ton excavator 20M long reach boom and arm need counterweight, the price is USD810/Ton.

 4. Warranty: 6 months for the long reach boom and arm  3 months for the bucket cylinder

 5. Our main markets are Ecuador, America, Panama,Russia,Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore etc 

 6. Customized long reach boom and arm are our specialty

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2.Excavator Boom and Stick Application:

-Ideal for dredging river and sea either on land or on barge

-Basement and deep foundation excavation

-Construction of ditches,levees and ponds

-Construction of sea wall

-Dredging port,large range excavation and other purpose

-Demolishing high buildings and Structures

3.Excavator Boom and Stick Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1. Usually one 40HC can load two sets long reach boom and arm for 30ton excavator, 

2. Usually one 40HC can load three sets long reach boom and arm for 20ton excavator.

Delivery TimeShipped in 20 days after payment

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