Clamshell Loader Bucket

1.Clamshell Loader Bucket Specifications
2.Clamshell Loader Bucket Porducts imformation
3.Features of Clamshell Loader Bucket
4.Clamshell Loader Bucket Applications

Product Details

1.Clamshell Loader Bucket Specifications

Excavator Standard, Heavy Duty, Rock Bucket 

Professional in excavator bucket 

clamshell bucket 

2.Clamshell Loader Bucket Porducts imformation: 

We choose wer-resistant selection of quality,high-strength steel plate and high-strength anti-Rally wire,welding equipment,professionals carefully weldsed together,the surface jet mill with strong internal and external appearance.

clamshell loader bucket.jpg

3.Features of Clamshell Loader Bucket:

A.Large bucket capacity, and large open area;

B.Large stowing surface, and accordingly high coefficient of fullness;

C.Made of top quality structural and high strength steel, the adapters are made of domestic top      quality products;

D.Save working time, improve working efficiency.

Bucket Width          ()Rated Capacity
TeethWeight(KGS)  Price

4.Clamshell Loader Bucket Applications:

General digging of clay and light work such as loading of sand, earth and gravel.

The Clamshell Bucket is a great multi-functional tool to have on the job site. It can be used for material loading and dumping, cleaning up dirt and sand, and even use as a grapple to handle refuse. The wide jaw of the clamshell bucket opens up to 180 degrees and a thick cutting edge closes it tightly. It is a great tool to have during site clearing and clean up.

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